1 Month as Vegan

So I figured out why I haven’t been feeling up to getting done what needs to be done. I don’t think I am getting the calories I need so my body is telling me that although I’m not eating XYZ because it’s bad I need to be making sure I get enough of the good stuff that I am eating. What happens is that I fall into this bad habit of not being prepared with a full grocery list when I go to the store (which I also did before becoming vegan) so I’m not getting enough food and then I give my daughter first dibs and so I just get whatever is left. I’ve also been craving convenience foods like chips and sweets, which I think is due to wanting to go back to eating for comfort because I haven’t been getting the nutrition I need.

I think not being prepared and putting so many restrictions on my diet from the beginning is making it more difficult. The foods I have been eating I have not been enjoying them like I was before, because I haven’t ventured out enough, black beans and corn have been on the menu a lot so I need to really get some recipes to try different things. As far as restrictions go, in an effort to not eat something that I will have to remove from my diet later I’m just avoiding it. Like for instance there are things like vegan hotdogs, chicken, etc. but I’m trying to focus on a whole food diet with few processed foods, with the goal of no processed foods. I wonder if I am being too particular especially during these beginning months, where transition foods could help me at least get the calories I need. I also want to shop seasonally so when I go to the store and I can’t find things that are on my list as being in season then I don’t get much. I’m learning a lot about food, so I discover changes that I should make quicker than I keep up, but I can’t help wanting to know more. Also I feel rushed to figure out what diet is best because I want to have it set before my daughter is old enough to miss old foods she used to eat. I want the way we are eating to be the only way she remembers, to make it as easy for her as possible.

I hesitated to write this post because I was so excited about veganism but now I’ve crashed, and I don’t want people to think that going vegan is just too hard to do or not worth it. But I think it’s important to be real about it, reading about my struggles may help someone else make it through theirs. I’m not giving up, veganism is something that must be worked at just like anything else I set out to do.


I love to learn, and I consider myself to be a very fluid person so I enjoy taking what I learn and allowing it to make a difference in my life. My latest transformation has been eating healthier and working out. I never thought that I would be reaching for fruit when I crave something sweet and that I would actually look forward to going to the gym.

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2 comments on “1 Month as Vegan
  1. Kareen says:

    It’s your journey! Take your time and the lifestyle will come.

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