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What’s for Dessert? Nana’s lemon cookie

I’ve been craving having cravings lately so I decided to go to the store and treat myself to something I don’t normally eat, cookies. I came across this gluten free cookie made by Nana’s. I tried the lemon and the

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What’s for Dinner? Adzuki Bean Burger

Tired from vacation I wanted something for dinner that I didn’t have to put together so I picked up Hilary’s Eat Well Spicy Green Chili Adzuki Bean Burger. Some of the ingredients other than the adzuki beans of course include:

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What’s for Lunch? Raw food from Evolution

I picked up some raw food from Evolution Fast Food. I bought raw tacos and the scramble. Sorry I ate some before I realized I needed to take pictures. Raw tacos come in a set. Here is a closer look

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What’s for Dinner? Stir Fry over Quinoa

While in Seattle we went to the Taste of Tacoma where I ate a tasty stir fry from Quinoa King. I was excited to see a vegan gluten free stand at the event. My daughter and I enjoyed it so

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What’s to Drink? Synergy Kombocha

I have been feeling drained since vacation so I decided to try kombucha. Also I’ve heard probiotics are a good thing to take so I thought this would be a good way to get some. I purchased the Black Chia

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What’s for Lunch? Butternut Squash Tostada

I got this recipe from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. You are free to use your preference for each ingredient but here is what I used. I cut squash into third’s, placed in water and brought it to a boil. Once

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What’s for Breakfast? Amaranth with Goji Berries

Amaranth was brought to my attention by the lovely Chef Ahki. To three cups of boiling water I added one cup amaranth and one tablespoon of coconut oil and cooked for 18 minutes. Then added one teaspoon of cinnamon and

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