How gluten intolerance affects my abdomen.

So I want to share some things I have learned about gluten intolerance. I think it affects a lot of people but many are unaware. List of items that contain gluten.

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When abdomen is pulled in:

Laying down:



I’m posting these pictures in hopes of helping others realize that just because your abdomen isn’t flat it doesn’t mean you need to continue to lose weight. After doing Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer I lost so much weight I was underweight but my abdomen still stood out, I researched online possible reasons for this and many with the same question were told that they needed to just continue to lose weight until its flat because anything you can pinch is something you need to lose. If there was still fat on my abdomen then even when I suck my stomach in my abs would not be visible.

*Yes the internet isn’t the most reliable source, but when you don’t have the money for professional help it is a source many go to for suggestions. Also I had no idea which professional to seek for help: a personal trainer, dietitian, or naturopath.


I love to learn, and I consider myself to be a very fluid person so I enjoy taking what I learn and allowing it to make a difference in my life. My latest transformation has been eating healthier and working out. I never thought that I would be reaching for fruit when I crave something sweet and that I would actually look forward to going to the gym.

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6 comments on “How gluten intolerance affects my abdomen.
  1. delennelizabeth says:

    Thanks for posting this. I don’t have a gluten problem but my stomach sticks out in the same way because of IBS it’s nice to see that i’m not the only one who is frusterated but has to learn to deal with it 🙂

  2. Natacha says:

    Oh my goodness! These pictures are like looking at my own stomach. For a long time I was thinking I just had to accept the fact that my belly was doing this because I had 5 children. My stomach would be much smaller in the morning and just get bigger and bigger as the day progressed. I will try this elimination diet. I think it will be hard for me but I want to do something if my body needs to heal it needs to heal.

    • Afronique says:

      Have you noticed what foods cause the bloating? I would try to pinpoint it by keeping a food and symptom diary, so you don’t have the give up some foods unnecessarily.

  3. My stomach is just like this! It’s so frustrating, I also have diastasis recti from my pregnancies. My diastasis however is improving with yoga. Thanks again for sharing

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