Day after 14 day smoothie feast

I looked for suggestions on what to eat after a smoothie feast and the best I could find was what to eat after a fast. So I’m sticking to soft juicy fruits today.
To help with digestion I’m trying my best to sit down while I eat and chew slowly, two things I struggle with when trying to keep up with a toddler.

What was on the menu today:

Pineapple, kiwi, and grapes dusted with unsweetened shredded coconut, hemp seeds, a splash of light coconut milk and agave.

Blackberry Basil smoothie- Just added about six blackberries to basil smoothie and used a frozen banana instead of avocado. I want to drink a smoothie a day from now on, particularly for breakfast so that I get something in my body quickly after waking.


Throughout the day I also had cantaloupe and honey dew along with the before mentioned fruits.

I was ready to eat, I’ve been hungry but can only eat a little bit then I want more about an hour later. Trying to reach for water first to keep my intake up. For some reason I’ve been very patient today, which is something I thought would happen during the feast but didn’t.

I went back to bodyrocking today by going back to where I left off on the thirty day challenge, it was the lite program but I struggled to get in fifty pushups. The schedule also included yoga.

My results from the feast: I lost 10 pounds, 2 inches at my navel, which is where my abdomen sticks out, .375 at my waist. I’m down 2.3% body fat, 2.8 pounds in lean body mass, 1.25 inches in my hips and 1.375 in my thighs. I was only trying to loose inches at my navel, so some losses are a drawback and others a bonus but what I don’t like can be fixed with exercise.

My plan now is to eat just fruit for the first few days then incorporate vegetables.


I love to learn, and I consider myself to be a very fluid person so I enjoy taking what I learn and allowing it to make a difference in my life. My latest transformation has been eating healthier and working out. I never thought that I would be reaching for fruit when I crave something sweet and that I would actually look forward to going to the gym.

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