Diet updates

I feel like I have healed from the damage done by gluten intolerance, yay, but my belly isn’t flat, boo. Here is an overview of all the diets I tried during the 8 weeks of trying to get my intolerance symptoms to go away.

That video was before my raw vegan  food experience in Santa Monica. Not only did that experience change things but I also realized it’s not likely that I will be able to afford professional help and I’m determined to not just do nothing so I decided to try raw food as an answer to my problems.

Here is the lovely small belly I woke up to when I was in Santa Monica. Maybe there’s something in the water. Oh, I didn’t drink the water.



I love to learn, and I consider myself to be a very fluid person so I enjoy taking what I learn and allowing it to make a difference in my life. My latest transformation has been eating healthier and working out. I never thought that I would be reaching for fruit when I crave something sweet and that I would actually look forward to going to the gym.

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