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Is eating low fat raw vegan boring?

When I made the video describing what I eat, I thought that some people may think that it is boring.  Due to buying local in season produce, I eat the same items for a few months.  I also don’t use

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My 30 day smoothie feast experience

My second smoothie feast has come to an end and before I share what my experience was, here is a video I recorded during the feast. I’m proud of myself for staying disciplined to do a smoothie feast for thirty

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What I eat as a low fat raw vegan

In my last video I talked about how eating low fat raw vegan has been beneficial.  Thank you so much to all of you that watched and commented, I really enjoyed seeing such a positive response. In case some of

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Fruity Spaghetti

Pasta: 5 small zucchini 1 1/2 red bell pepper Sauce: 2 ataulfo mangos 1 cup red bell pepper 1/2 of a large basil leaf Squirt of lime Garnish: 7 Blood oranges Sprialize the zucchini. Cut bell pepper into small strips.

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My new life as a low fat raw vegan

I have been eating a low fat raw vegan diet for two months now and I absolutely love it. I’ve been making strides in my health for the past two years and have progressively seen positive results but going low

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Los Angeles Fit Expo

Last time I wrote I was on my way to the fit expo. It was a great experience. I got to do a lot of networking, meeting Instagram friends and people I admire in the fitness industry. I learned a

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