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Teeth care and announcement about blog

I had my first visit with a holistic dentist and it was also my first visit with a dentist since I became a raw vegan. I have two cavities which are from all the dried figs I was eating awhile

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Learning to see

I took the introductory course to the Bates method which is a course on relaxation methods that are used to improve eyesight. I learned that the reason those of us with vision problems can’t see clearly is due to bad

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Exciting things are in the works

I’m excited to say that I have exciting things upcoming up soon. I’m not ready to make an official announcement yet, I’m currently doing a juice fast (I will be vblogging about my experience) so things are a little behehind

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Update on Fruit Meet Up

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Bubble Gum Smoothie

I enjoy trying new foods but I didn’t always. When I was on the Standard American Diet, things had to look a certain way or be at least vaguely similar to something I’ve ate before and liked in order for

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Fruit, Farmers, and Yoga

I’m putting together a meet up in the Los Angeles area for low fat raw vegans and those interested in the lifestyle. It will include a trip to the farmers market, yoga, and a fruit potluck. It will be either

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How to store Strawberries

In this video I share how I store the 24 pints of strawberries I buy at the farmer’s market every week. Frozen strawberries are great for smoothies blended with tangerines or apple juice. I also top salads with strawberries or

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