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Hearty Spaghetti (low fat raw vegan)

1 cup sun dried tomatoes 1.5 zahidi dates 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes 2 large basil leaves Oregano from one stem 2 Tbs water from soaked tomatoes/dates 1 Tbs water Pasta: 2 cups zucchini Lime juice 1 cup spinach 2 basil

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Is eating low fat raw vegan boring?

When I made the video describing what I eat, I thought that some people may think that it is boring.  Due to buying local in season produce, I eat the same items for a few months.  I also don’t use

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Fruity Spaghetti

Pasta: 5 small zucchini 1 1/2 red bell pepper Sauce: 2 ataulfo mangos 1 cup red bell pepper 1/2 of a large basil leaf Squirt of lime Garnish: 7 Blood oranges Sprialize the zucchini. Cut bell pepper into small strips.

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How I make raw lasagna

I was inspired to make lasagna after having it at M.A.K.E. I sliced zucchini in half length wise then cut long strips that I then cut in thirds since my zucchini was so long. I just make enough lasagna for

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Veggie raw tacos

Dino kale topped with pesto, zucchini, red bell pepper, carrots and sunflower seeds for the crunch, then seasoned with cumin.

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Road trip snacks

Today I’m driving up to Santa Monica, I’m excited to get a mini vacation and check out some vegan and raw vegan restaurants in the area. Seems like they have a lot to offer and as someone who hasn’t been

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Curried Carrot Soup

Recipe from I modified the recipe by using a half a tablespoon less coconut oil and using just four cups of water instead of broth and without the extra water. I’m not a big soup eater especially if it

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