Bubble Gum Smoothie

I enjoy trying new foods but I didn’t always. When I was on the Standard American Diet, things had to look a certain way or be at least vaguely similar to something I’ve ate before and liked in order for me to try it. As I started to eat healthier I became more open and now as a raw vegan I am always looking for new fruits to try. As soon as I found out about jack fruit through other raw vegans on Youtube and Instagram I went searching for it at my local Asian markets and recently found some. It is super sweet and reminds me of gum, so here is my recipe for a bubble gum tasting smoothie.

Have you found that as you eat healthier you are more willing to try new foods?

I am using the Vitamix 5200, for free shipping on any Vitamix blender use the code 06-008609. 


I love to learn, and I consider myself to be a very fluid person so I enjoy taking what I learn and allowing it to make a difference in my life. My latest transformation has been eating healthier and working out. I never thought that I would be reaching for fruit when I crave something sweet and that I would actually look forward to going to the gym.

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3 comments on “Bubble Gum Smoothie
  1. Hey Yvette,I found your Youtube channel and subscribed. Is it okay with you if I upload one of your videos onto my health blog? I like to ask for permission. Only if you’re cool with it. I would really appreciate it. Thanks sis. 🙂

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