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Do you use toxic cleaners to clean your home?

So another goal of mine concerning healthier living is removing toxins from my home. Awhile back I was cleaning out my oven and as me and my husband were choking on the fumes from the Easy Off, I thought to

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What’s for Dinner? Red Beans and Rice

Red beans and rice from Fat Free Vegan. So when I first started preparing the meal I was not going off of a recipe basically I was just cooking small red beans and rice and I was going to season

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What’s for Dinner? #11

Another cheeseless pizza, from the blog veganvisitor. This time I made it with mushrooms and spinach. So I wanted to make a pizza but I didn’t have the time or ingredients to make the one I made last week. I

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I’m vegan and he’s not, how does that work?

It’s hard to prepare animal products for my husband. I see death and suffering when I look at it and it smells and looks unsafe to eat. One day I came into the kitchen and smelled something horrible, then I

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What’s for Dinner? #10

Amy’s Low Sodium Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup with brown rice spritzed with Braggs Aminos and organic seeded wheat bread from Whole Foods. What did you eat for dinner?

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Loving my new shape

So I went to Loft and tried on some jeans and I was absolutely shocked to find out what size I wear now. I had tried on some jeans about a week ago in another store and the fit wasn’t

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What’s for Breakfast? #6

Vegetable Bake from The Gluten Free Vegan. In place of the tofu I used a can of garbanzo beans and added extra water. I’m thinking about not eating tofu because I’ve heard that too much soy is bad and that

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