Teeth care and announcement about blog

I had my first visit with a holistic dentist and it was also my first visit with a dentist since I became a raw vegan. I have two cavities which are from all the dried figs I was eating awhile back without brushing my teeth after. Other than that the dentist made a point to say that I was taking good care of them and was surprised at how clean they were since I hadn’t had a cleaning in a year. Eating a lot of fresh fruit doesn’t mean you will end up with bad teeth. Here are some tips he gave me for oral hygiene.

Also this will be my last post on this blog. I’m putting together my website and my blog will be transferred over there. I’m excited to combine all my loves in one place, where I can share answers to frequently asked questions about the low fat raw vegan lifestyle, recipes, fitness and yoga routines and style aspects such as loc and nail tutorials. While I work on getting the blog up and running there you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I want to thank all of you who subscribe and read this blog, all your support and interest in making lifestyle changes has been amazing.

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Learning to see

I took the introductory course to the Bates method which is a course on relaxation methods that are used to improve eyesight. I learned that the reason those of us with vision problems can’t see clearly is due to bad habits and our eye muscles being too tight due to not relaxing them. I still believe my raw lifestyle has improved my vision but I think by using these techniques also my vision will improve even quicker. Along with practicing relaxation I will be using pinhole glasses to correct my vision as I avoid wearing my prescription glasses as much as possible.

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Exciting things are in the works

I’m excited to say that I have exciting things upcoming up soon. I’m not ready to make an official announcement yet, I’m currently doing a juice fast (I will be vblogging about my experience) so things are a little behehind schedule. One change I can let you know about is my YouTube channel, I will be uploading new health and wellness videos to my original channel afronique, so please subscribe to that channel. Well that is it for now. The best way to know what I’m up to daily is to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @itsafronique.

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Update on Fruit Meet Up

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Bubble Gum Smoothie

I enjoy trying new foods but I didn’t always. When I was on the Standard American Diet, things had to look a certain way or be at least vaguely similar to something I’ve ate before and liked in order for me to try it. As I started to eat healthier I became more open and now as a raw vegan I am always looking for new fruits to try. As soon as I found out about jack fruit through other raw vegans on Youtube and Instagram I went searching for it at my local Asian markets and recently found some. It is super sweet and reminds me of gum, so here is my recipe for a bubble gum tasting smoothie.

Have you found that as you eat healthier you are more willing to try new foods?

I am using the Vitamix 5200, for free shipping on any Vitamix blender use the code 06-008609. 

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Fruit, Farmers, and Yoga

I’m putting together a meet up in the Los Angeles area for low fat raw vegans and those interested in the lifestyle. It will include a trip to the farmers market, yoga, and a fruit potluck. It will be either May 4th or 5th. If you are interested comment below or in the comment section of the YouTube video. If you have any suggestions for locations please let me know. Hope to see you there.

No need to be a raw foodie to attend, if you enjoy fruit, supporting local farmers, or yoga feel free to come hangout with us.

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How to store Strawberries

In this video I share how I store the 24 pints of strawberries I buy at the farmer’s market every week. Frozen strawberries are great for smoothies blended with tangerines or apple juice. I also top salads with strawberries or blend them with dates to make the topping for my fruity pizza or a salad dressing and of course they go great as a dessert.

Find me on Twitter/Instagram to see what I’m making with all those strawberries @itsafronique


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